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Abuse of law by women: The law is a playground for extortion

Abuse of law by women: The law is a playground for extortion

May 18, 2017, 12:57 pm IST in Arise Awake And Stop Not | India | TOI
The law is positively biased towards women, from the availability of reservations to the constitutional provisions. The laws regarding abuse of women ranging from sexual to economic does not acknowledge the abuse that a man faces, showing a disparity in the legal system. Albeit women are the greater number of victims compared to men, that statistic is slowly dissipating in the light of false allegations against innocent men. The rate of false allegations after the fallout of a marriage, after a woman feels scorned, is continuously on the rise in India.
The law, and judiciary system doesn’t provide protection of men from these shaming allegations leading to drastic measures in the form of suicide.
On social media videos show females may misunderstand an accidental brush of the shoulder as eve-teasing, and some may go as far as purposely scaring a man that if he doesn’t pay money she will take him to jail regarding the same. Some women have started using extortion in many forms, the end result is to be provided money. Under the Marriage Amendment Act (2000) a woman is to be paid maintenance after her divorce from her husband, highly educated women tend to hide that they are currently employed yet still demand maintenance. If not provided then the husband can face criminal indictment.
The statute of limitations for filing a complaint of dowry does not exist, so even after 20 years of marriage a wife can file a case of dowry on her husband and family. Albeit this may seem to be a women-friendly provision, it is too friendly. The wife does not have to provide proof of giving dowry and the husband has no means of proving his innocence, he is deemed guilty without a trial or hearing. There have been reports where a female has filed an FIR on the entire family, including a 2 month old infant. The abuse of a system which was amended to protect and provide for women has been turned into a battleground for revenge.
While going through a divorce the greatest difficulty lies in who the child will stay with, the mother or father. Our cultural wisdom would tell us that a child is better off with the mother, the law also supports this ideology. A child below the age of 11 years is granted to the mother, many fathers feel the anguish of separation from their child. A trend common in Indian couples in the U.K. is that the mother leaves the father with her child as a new method of extortion,
getting her monetary demands fulfilled and holding their child hostage away from the purview of the father.
Save Indian Family (SIF) is an organization deemed as anti-feminist and reducing the hard work that women have done to achieve their current legal and social status in society. Although their perspective on marital rape in marriage is horrendous, the pro-bono legal advice they provide to male victims of the Marriage Amendment Act (2000)is commendable. With 30,000 members globally SIF’s members, volunteers and victims work in cohesion to provide each individual an opportunity to prove their innocence in the court of law. SIF’s weekly meetings are testimony to the mass effect one FIR has on an entire family. While filing a complaint women tend to harness the power of non-bailable arrests thereby ensuring that the entire family goes to jail. SIF has also been witness to individuals that had lost all hope due to the public shame and humility the men and their parents have had to go through resulting in suicide. With the help of SIF many men have fought to urge to relinquish their lives and found a support system, albeit with a lot of setbacks and anguish.
Many people might jeer and jest at this reversal of situations and say, “Men deserve this treatment, after centuries of patriarchal dominance they are getting back what they give.” If you look up close to the individuals who are falsely accused of a crime they haven’t committed the situation is more serious than thought of, a man loses his job, his respect and dignity are torn away, the entire family is ashamed due to public persecution by officials, and then there are the lingering court cases that never seem to end and are near impossible to win. It is a tight rope that the country is walking on where the crime against women is high and the crime perpetrated by women is also on the rise, a balance has to be reached to ensure that equality is not manhandled and reaches it’s true definition by merging with humanism.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Aunt Metro's diversion tactics

{Before you read anything: This web log is written by a man, who turned feminist after seeing what his mother went through in a patriarchal system}

Summary: An old woman in metro threw some questions at 2 young guys in metro-railway, who were questioning the empty ladies compartments. This is a reaction to that.

First read this: (before you read about the old woman i have named as "Aunt Metro")

Mr.Kuku Sharma's office had 10 vacancies.
No one but one girl named Ms.Kesha Bahi applied. Kesha is highly qualified & cracked the interview.
For some reason, Mr.Kuku Sharma preferred men to fill up those vacancies.
Kuku looked at Ms.Kesha Bahi's CV and still rejected her.
Three more girls like Kesha were searching for jobs & were depressed after not getting them despite having the talent.

Kesha: "Look at Kuku's office. It is almost empty, and he won't even let us women fill it up."
Manisha(Kesha's female friend): "Yes, you are right. Yesterday a man took up the job that I deserved more, and he didn't even apply at Kuku's office."
An uncle was eavesdropping on these 2 women's conversation & intervened: "That is because, neither you are letting them live, nor letting them free. There are 60,000-plus married men comared to 20,000-plus married women that committed suicide last year & 53% of rape FIRs filed in Delhi alone in Apr-Jul-2013 were false. If you do not force them to kill themselves & do not jail them in false cases, they will be offices of people like Kuku. But that is what you are afraid of, isn't it?"

Do you find this uncle's behaviour outrageous? I do !

Now read this:

Overheard in Metro.
Guy 1: Dekh ladies coach poora khali hai. Idhar side itna bhara hua hai, par fir bhi hume wahan jaake baithna allowed nahin hai. Khali padi hui hain seatein.
Guy 2: Haan yaar. Dekh, poora coach de rakha hai unko, wo bharti hain nahin, upar se humare coach mein bhi do do seatein de rakhi hain, hum baith gaye to utha diye jaate hain, bhale poora unka coach khali pada ho. Wo to bhar lein pehle!
Badass Aunty: Aap log paida hi nahin hone de rahe ho na beta, aur naseeb se paida ho bhi rahi hain to unko padhne likhne, bahar nikalne se rok rahe ho jee jaan lagake. Ye sab kaam band kar do, kokh mein maar dena, doodh mein dubo dena, rok tok karna, fir dekho na beta, metro ki seatein kya, office ki kursiyan, khel ka maidan sab kuch bhar dengi ye, par usi cheez se to darr rahe ho aap, hai na? Hai na beta?
(By Dyuti Sudipta, )


Overheard in Metro.
Guy 1: Look, the Ladies coach is completely empty. So many seats are vacant. This side is so full, still we aren't allowed to go and sit there.
Guy 2: Yeah man. Look, they've been given an entire coach plus two seats in every one of 'our' coaches. If we sit on those too, we are made to get up - even if the entire ladies coach is empty.

Badass older woman: Son, that's because you are not letting them be born. And, if somehow they are, you are doing everything in your power to stop them from studying, working, going out. Why don't you stop all this - killing them in the womb, confining them to role of child bearers, curbing their movements and freedom. Then see, how they fill not just metro seats, but office spaces, sport fields and everywhere else. But then, that's exactly what you're scared of, son. Aren't you?
(By: Oitrika Biswas, )

What do I find wrong in uncle's statement?
Kesha & Manisha's objection was not: there are no men to fill Kuku's office.
Kehsa & Manisha's objection was: the vacancies left open by men was not filled by deserving women.
Yet he mixed up the issues.
He implied that these 2 ladies must put up with Kuku's antics because something happened to some other men done by some other women.
He implied that, if these 2 ladies did not complain about what happened to men who suffered, then these 2 women should not be complaining about what Kuku is doing.
Getting innocent men out of jail or stopping them from killing themselves, may or may not fill Kuku's office, but it will not solve the problem where empty seats are not given to women in need.

What do I find wrong in auntie's statement?
Guy1 & Guy2's objection was not: there are no women to fill ladies' reserved coach.
Guy1 & Guy2's objection was: the coach left empty by women was not filled by deserving others.
Yet she mixed up the issues.
She implied that these 2 men must put up with metro-rail's antics because something happened to some other women done by some other people.
She implied that, if these 2 men did not complain about what happened to women who suffered, then these 2 men should not be complaining about what metro-rail-administrators are doing.
Discouraging gender-selective-abortion and/or encouraging women to work, may or may not fill metro-train's seats, but it will not solve the problem where empty seats are not given to others in need.

What the uncle and the auntie in these cases did, has a name: diversion tactics. That is: divert the attention from the issue.
You use diversion-tactics when you do not have any argument to prove or win your case.
Before anyone would like to use diversion tactics like:
1. It is people like Mr.Kuku Sharma, that the auntie was speaking against.
2. There are enough men around to fill up Mr.Kuku Sharma's office.
3. You are a misogynist.
Let me give the rebuttals in advance:
1. Kuku Sharma and his office are fictional. In fact the whole 1st paragraph in gray-background is fictional. I am about to be 35 in coming months, and yet to see someone like Kuku.
2. The local trains in Mumbai and indeed many places in India have ladies coaches filled up to the door, indeed the general compartments too.
3. At first, i admired the lady too, but the feminist in me made me think: "What if we reverse the gender?", and that made me realize what i realized.


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Cricket World Cup 2015 schedule

Cricket World Cup 2015 schedule

Pool AAfghanistanAustraliaBangladeshEnglandNew ZealandScotlandSri Lanka
Pool BIndiaIrelendPakistanSouth AfricaU.A.E.West IndiesZimbabwe
DateVenueDay-NightPool A,leaguePool B,league
Team 1Team 2Team 1Team 2
1February14SaturdayHagley Oval, Christchurch DayNew ZealandSri Lanka
2February14SaturdayMelbourne Cricket Ground Day/NightAustraliaEngland
3February15SundaySeddon Park, Hamilton Day/NightSouth AfricaZimbabwe
4February15SundayAdelaide Oval Day/NightIndiaPakistan
5February16MondaySaxton Oval, Nelson DayIrelandWest Indies
6February17TuesdayUniversity Oval, Dunedin DayNew ZealandScotland
7February18WednesdayManuka Oval, Canberra Day/NightAfghanistanBangladesh
8February19ThursdaySaxton Oval, Nelson DayU.A.EZimbabwe
9February20FridayWestpac Stadium, Wellington Day/NightNew ZealandEngland
10February21SaturdayHagley Oval, Christchurch DayPakistanWest Indies
11February21SaturdayBCG, Woolloongabba, Brisbane Day/NightAustraliaBangladesh
12February22SundayUniversity Oval, Dunedin DayAfghanistanSri Lanka
13February22SundayMelbourne Cricket Ground Day/NightIndiaSouth Africa
14February23MondayHagley Oval, Christchurch DayEnglandScotland
15February24TuesdayManuka Oval, Canberra Day/NightWest IndiesZimbabwe
16February25WednesdayBCG, Woolloongabba, Brisbane Day/NightIrelandU.A.E
17February26ThursdayUniversity Oval, Dunedin DayAfghanistanScotland
18February26ThursdayMelbourne Cricket Ground Day/NightBangladeshSri Lanka
19February27FridaySydney Cricket Ground Day/NightSouth AfricaWest Indies
20February28SaturdayEden Park, Auckland Day/NightNew ZealandAustralia
21February28SaturdayWACA Ground, Perth Day/NightIndiaU.A.E
22March1SundayWestpac Stadium, Wellington DayEnglandSri Lanka
23March1SundayBCG, Woolloongabba, Brisbane Day/NightPakistanZimbabwe
24March3TuesdayManuka Oval, Canberra Day/NightIrelandSouth Africa
25March4WednesdayMcLean Park, Napier Day/NightPakistanU.A.E
26March4WednesdayWACA Ground, Perth Day/NightAustraliaAfghanistan
27March5ThursdaySaxton Oval, Nelson DayBangladeshScotland
28March6FridayWACA Ground, Perth Day/NightIndiaWest Indies
29March7SaturdayEden Park, Auckland Day/NightPakistanSouth Africa
30March7SaturdayBellerive Oval, Hobart Day/NightIrelandZimbabwe
31March8SundayMcLean Park, Napier DayNew ZealandAfghanistan
32March8SundaySydney Cricket Ground Day/NightAustraliaSri Lanka
33March9MondayAdelaide Oval Day/NightEnglandBangladesh
34March10TuesdaySeddon Park, Hamilton Day/NightIndiaIreland
35March11WednesdayBellerive Oval, Hobart Day/NightScotlandSri Lanka
36March12ThursdayWestpac Stadium, Wellington Day/NightSouth AfricaU.A.E
37March13FridaySeddon Park, Hamilton Day/NightNew ZealandBangladesh
38March13FridaySydney Cricket Ground Day/NightAfghanistanEngland
39March14SaturdayEden Park, Auckland Day/NightIndiaZimbabwe
40March14SaturdayBellerive Oval, Hobart Day/NightAustraliaScotland
41March15SundayMcLean Park, Napier DayU.A.EWest Indies
42March15SundayAdelaide Oval Day/NightIrelandPakistan
Team 1Team 2
Q1March18WednesdaySydney Cricket Ground Day/NightA1B4
Q2March19ThursdayMelbourne Cricket Ground Day/NightA2B3
Q3March20FridayAdelaide Oval Day/NightA3B2
Q4March21SaturdayWestpac Stadium, WellingtonDay/NightA4B1
Team 1Team 2
S1March24TuesdayEden Park, AucklandDay/NightQ1 winnerQ4 winner
S2March26ThursdaySydney Cricket Ground Day/NightQ2 winnerQ3 winner
Team 1Team 2
49March29SundayMelbourne Cricket GroundDay/NightS1 winnerS2 winner